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Schoolovision 2017

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants of Schoolovision 2017!

Schoolovision is a unique eTwinning project which brings together

children from countries right across Europe and beyond. This was the 9th edition of a fun-filled partnership.

I was really happy to be invited this morning to the San Gorg Preca College Hamrun primary school to witness and feel what it means to have a fun filled activity at school where all participants are winners.

Malta came second headed by Spain with just 7 points but for me, as an educator, I would say that all the teachers and learners who participated in this annual event have gained much more than the final points registered on the scoreboard. Thank you Europe for the 207 points but the teacher and each of the young learners gained much more than that during the whole process of learning to listen, communicating with other European schools, appreciating our culture, opening our classroom walls to learn about other European cultures, being patient with each other, collaborating, and understanding that producing beauty is not easy but worth all the effort.

Thank you to Ms Maria Antoinette Magro for her dedication to teaching, for producing, teaching and learning with the kids. Congratulations to all the class. “Time Expedition is about kids spending most of their time using technology and various gadgets to while away the time and forgetting what is it like to play freely in the open air and being sociable.” (Maria)

Emmanuel Zammit Director (DDLTS) Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills
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