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eTwinning Malta

Welcome to eTwinning, the Community for Schools in Europe!

The eTwinning Concept

eTwinning mainly offers a virtual platform wherein a community of European educators and schools can share, network and learn together. eTwinning today has developed into a transformative pedagogy which integrates learning outcomes via collaborative cross-curricular projects promoting the concept of project-based learning. Thus it is considered a way of teaching and hence an innovative methodology.

It provides training, professional development, online learning and opportunities for educators across Europe to network, share and learn from each other within a safe environment.

The pillars of the eTwinning community are:

  •  the National Support Services in countries within Europe together with the Central Support Service

  •  the network of eTwinning Ambassadors

  •  the ever-growing network of eTwinning Schools

eTwinning promotes:

  •  Innovative learning/teaching approaches

  •  European Key Competences for Lifelong Learning

  •  Internationalisation

  •  Educators’ professional development

  •  European Citizenship and values

  •  Inclusiveness

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