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Let's use Tablets in a Collaborative Way!

Let’s use tablets in a collaborative way! is a local eTwinning project with the participation of over 30 year 4 and Year 5 classes from various colleges around Malta and Gozo.

During this project, students learned how to use different tablet apps in order to tackle different curricular aspects. The apps used during the project were: Author, Workspace, Picsay, Lego Story Starter & Visualizer, Scratch, Kahoot, learningapps.org and Animator. Participants also made use of poll-maker.com for voting and were introduced to writing comments through the eTwinning Forum Tool. Teachers on the other hand made use of Padlet to write their reflections about the project.

Each class took part in a video call session with the class they were paired with for the Carnival Picsay activity. During the video conference, the students introduced themselves and spoke about what they really enjoyed doing during the project. During this project, eTwinners could upload students’ work and photos and other material related to the use of the tablets to promote sharing of good practice.

Go to https://newsbreak.edu.mt/2018/08/27/lets-use-tablets-in-a-collaborative-way/ for more details on the above project

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