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2018 eTwinning monitoring

Dear eTwinner, Whether you have been involved in eTwinning since the very beginning or you are just getting started, we would like your opinion! In order to gain valuable insights on eTwinning concerning such things as the usability of the platform, the relevance of its activities in meeting your needs, the effects it has on your classroom practice, the relevance of the professional development opportunities to your work, we would very much appreciate it if you could take some time to participate in our third edition of the eTwinning monitoring survey. To ensure your privacy, please note that all replies are confidential and used for internal analysis only. After you complete the survey, you do have a choice to entry the draw for a prize of an eTwinning “goodie”. The names will be drawn at the closure of the survey period and the lucky people will receive a prize. If you wish to enter for the draw, you can fill in the space on the last page of the survey indicating your email address. This survey is made up of closed questions and multiple-choice questions. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete. We are confident you will find this time well invested as the questionnaire has been designed to serve as a useful tool to help you reflect on your own professional practice. You will be kept informed about the results of this questionnaire in due time.

Many thanks in advance for your valued participation! The eTwinning Central Support Service (CSS)

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