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Brussels Future Classrooms

Judith Smith Mifsud and Lucia Sammut attended a future classroom lab workshop in Brussels entitled Programming for the 21st century classroom,  

eTwinning Seminar for teachers of the Spanish language - Spain 2019

Two Maltese teacher are participating in an eTwinning Seminar specifically in Spanish.  This seminar promoted sharing of good practices and forming  groups with the intention of coming up with ideas on how to work collaboratively on projects.

etwinning Annual General conference - France 24 - 26th October 2019

During the 2019 annual Conference,  more than 500 teachers from across Europe explored how etwinning can contribute towards fostering a culture of democratic participation in schools.  They learnt how to develop students’ values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and critical understanding that will enable them to participate actively in democratic life.  These workshops were attended by a Maltese delegation made up from ​Grazio Grixti, Director for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills,  Roseanne Camilleri, etwinning coordinator,   Charmaine Bonello, Educational Officer early years,  College Principal Josephine Mifsud and Head of school Marion Cutajar, Alexandra Zammit and Michelle Saliba, Head of departments,  Joanne Spiteri Support digital literacy and  Romina Baldacchino, kindergarten educator.

New Pedagogy in nurseries and Kindergarten Seminar : Denmark October 2019

Early years teachers Marita Cilia and Justine Camilleri are currently attending a seminar in Denmark to learn more about new methods and practice of teaching in the early years.  So far they have experimented using tools such as the Ozobot and   They will also be given the opportunity to visit some Danish kindergartens.  We wish them luck!

Cyprus Seminar - Democratic Participation. 22nd - 24th May

Two educator from Malta, Melrose Borg Muscat and Mariestelle Spiteri  attending a PDW in Cyprus on the theme of Democratic Participation.  They found the experience interesting and made new contacts with other teachers during their workshops.

eTwinning School Thematic Conference 2019 Dublin

A delegation of Maltese educators  Nathalie Scerri, Victoria Spiteri and  Randolph Peresso together with Director  Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills, Mr Grazio Grixti and  eTwinning Coordinator - NSS Ms. Rose-anne Camilleri are currently attending an eTwinning School thematic conference in Dublin.  

The main goals of this Conference are:

·         To provide an opportunity for eTwinning Schools to share and exchange practices on how they are ‘acting’ as eTwinning Schools. 

·         To offer professional development for eTwinning schools’ staff so that they can better play their role.

·         To establish and possibly strengthen the eTwinning Schools network

·         To gather ideas and feedback on the implementation of the eTwinning School concept.

We wish them luck in their work!

France Etwinning Seminar 26th April

Marie Lou Kara and Elisa Caruana have this week attended an etwinning seminar with the aim of communicating with teachers from other countries in order to form new partnerships for etwinning projects.  We wish them luck!

Multilateral Contact Seminar in Izmir, Turkey

A Maltese group namely Annabelle Azzopardi, Jurgen Azzopardi and Georganne Azzopardi have attending a Multilateral Contact Seminar in Izmir, Turkey. The aim of the seminar is to meet face to face with other participants from other countries, registering projects and sharing of resources through technology.

Seminar in Albania 28th March

Maltese educators Gabriella Massa, Erica Cezek, Natalie Lombardi Calleja and Graziella Brincat are attending a seminar in Pogradec, South Albania on ‘How Mediterranean countries can collaborate in the future regarding development of critical thinking and problem solving’.  

‘Coding and Computational Thinking’ in Oslo, Norway

A delegation of Maltese educators are attending a very interesting course ‘Coding and Computational Thinking’ in Oslo, Norway!


Computational thinking, is the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions so that the solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively carried out by an information-processing agent.

Learning about the Future Classroom, Brussels Workshop March 2019

Two Maltese educators Daniela Scicluna and Nadette Camilleri Pavia are attending a workshop In Brussels which focuses on learning about the Future Classroom: Parameters of new learning spaces & active learning. It is all about using the classroom space as a tool for learning.

eTwinning and Our Heritage: Where the Past Meets the Future - Warsaw, Poland. 25th - 27th October 2018

The eTwinning Annual Conference 2018 will support schools to raise their capabilities to raise awareness of the common history and values; reinforce a sense of belonging to Europe; demonstrate ways of better safeguarding, enhancing, but also reusing and promoting Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource.

October 2018 -Multilateral Seminar for Primary Education in Crete, Greece

Another experience for 3 of our educators who are currently attending a Multilateral Seminar for Primary Education in Crete, Greece from the 18th till the 20th of October!"Open Source Tools in eTwinning Projects"

29-30 September 20 18, Future Classroom Lab, Brussels.

Moments from Future Classroom Lab workshop - Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom. 29-30 September 20 18, Future Classroom Lab, Brussels. 
The workshop will provide an introduction for teachers who would like to learn how to design lessons and activities for children with learning difficulties.

August 2018 - Using eTwinning in KA2 School-To-School Partnerships CZ NA and eTW NSS contact seminar

Another experience for two educators, Alexia Micallef Gatt and Diana Zemog who are attending, 'Using eTwinning in KA2 School-To-School Partnerships
CZ NA and eTW NSS contact seminar'. This seminar is being organised by the Czech -eTwinning NSS & Czech Erasmus organisations. This contact seminar is hosted together by CZ NSS for eTwinning and CZ NA (the School Education Unit) and its main aim is to promote the synergies between Erasmus+ and eTwinning, inspire participants in using eTW portal for communication and collaboration in ERA+ KA2 projects and to help create networks among teachers involved in ERA+ and eTW projects.

May 2018 - Michelle Borg and Joann Cordina trip to Baku for their contact seminar, ' ICT in education.'

Reporting from Baku...
Today was an eventful and enriching day in which we became familiar to the role of the Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Education in e-Twinning projects, had a wonderful tour of the city of Baku and became acquainted to other participants of the seminar.

#Baku one of today's workshop centred on promoting diverse cultures in classrooms. An activity which enabled the group members to get better acquainted took place during this workshop. This was followed by another activity in which participants had to work in groups using a web 2 tool of their choice. Apart from encouraging groupwork, this activity emphasized the idea of sharing our culture with others.

#Baku Another activity saw four ambassadors sharing their best practices with all educators . A power point presentation enabled the participants to get an overview of the various projects and gave a good insight into the collaborative practices of various schools around Europe.

May 2018 - Rome Conference: Empowering eTwinning Schools Leading, Learning, Sharing

Direct feedback from Ms Antonella Ferrante ....
A great experience which provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my school leadership with feedback coming from a critical friend and colleagues @Miranda Cauchi. Thanks for your sincere feedback!!

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