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eTwinning Story from the voices of the students themselves. Well done Bianca & Catrina from St. Nicholas College - Dingli Secondary School.



Share your eTwinning story

As part of the celebrations of the eTwinning day and 15 years of eTwinning we received various projects with their eTwinning story. Click on the below links to view these projects. 

A very well done to all participants!

Leggere per abbattere muri e costruire ponti di dialogo.




Leggere per abbattere muri e costruire ponti di dialogo.




 Here comes the Sun




Backstreet games




Our eTwinning Journey




Christmas Cards exchange




Become your own boss



Our STEAMulating Adventures



Projects & Experiences



S.T.E.A.M-tastic an eTwinning Project we are sharing which continued during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many European Partners this project demonstrates amongst so many things -collaboration, creativity, curricular integration and FUN!

The Maltese partner of the project is Ms.Charmaine Attard from San Gorg Preca College - Hamrun SS - Primary School. Well done to all for the creation of this eBook which documents it all.

Click on the image to view the ebook.

Plastic litter, sea water temperature and pH: What is the link?

On Friday 17th April 2020,  eTwinners from Gozo College Middle School were invited on TVAM breakfast show to talk about their investigation related to the effects of plastic on the marine environment. Click on the image to view their online interview on TVM. 

ETwinning project -European Backyard Games for Kids

Art lesson with a difference. After observing and discussing how traditional games were painted on the floor, students used their creativity to come up with different ways of depicting the games.

Click on the image to view our video. 

eTwinning- An excellent tool and platform during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Facebook and more students and parents have been submitting their work during the Italian lockdown! Our partners including educators, students and parents in the S.T.E.A.M-tastic project have been keeping busy thanks to E-twinning and our project! The power of E-twinning collaborations is beyond the traditional learning methods and it is bringing 21st century learning into a better perspective!!! Everyone is feeling included which is a BONUS!

Click on this image to view these practices. 

MathSnergy- Year 6 eTwinning Project- 1st Physical Mobility Activity

On 17th January, Valletta Primary School hosted Year 6 pupils and educators from Paola Primary B. First, Year 6 pupils from both schools participated in an ice-breaking activity to get to know better their eTwinning partners. Afterwards, they used the map provided to discuss and plan the route from Valletta Primary School to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The pupils also took part in a Maths Trail around Valletta, where they collaborated to solve mathematical challenges in an interesting and stimulating way. During this activity, the pupils had the opportunity to use their tablets to record answers, information and photos.

Click here to view the video of this activity.

Re-creating the eTwinning Logo

Kerċem Primary Year 5 class participated in the eTwinning competition- Re-creating the eTwinning Logo using recycled material. They used plastic bottles, caps, buttons and a cardboard box.

To view the whole process click on this link:

Christmas Cards around Europe

Year 5 students from Dingli primary school have participated in an eTwinning project called ‘Christmas cards around Europe’. The map shows all the participating countries. Each participating class sent a video of themselves wishing a Merry Christmas in their native language. Next, a short paragraph about Christmas traditions was shared. The students created Christmas cards which were sent by post to other students from other countries.
We had fun sharing different Christmas traditions between countries.
Discovered the importance of the English language as a means of communication.
Learned English through Arts and craft; music and I.T.

Emotions come Emotions go

This project gave students the opportunity to learn and share their work with other Maltese and European schools cooperatively.
In this project we discussed different emotions that we experience in our daily lives such as happiness, anger and sadness. Students also learnt ways how to handle both positive and negative feelings and were able to express their feelings through different media.
During this project we explored different media like art, multi-sensory tools, stories as well as different digital tools in order to showcase their work.

Participating schools:

  • Sliema Primary

  • Mellieha Primary

  • Marsa Primary

  • I.C. Riccardo da Lentini, Italy

  • I.C. 2 Chieti, Italy

  • 14th Stauroupolis, Greece


These are some of the digital tools we used:

  • Power point presentation

  • Wordart for creating paintings

  • Thinglink

  • Padlet for introduction of teachers, schools and participants towns

  • Canva for creating posters

  • Kizoa, a tool to create videos

  • for creating a story

  • Kahoot for creating a quiz

  • Google forms for evaluation

  • Moviemaker for creating a video

  • Skype for business for communicating

  • Poll maker for voting about the logo

  • Answergarden fοr evaluation

  • Messenger for communication between teachers

  • Answergarden for evaluation

We did a collaborative story using Little birds tales:

This is the link to our twinspace:

This project was awarded the National and European quality labels.

Green Grass- an eTwinning Project on how we can protect our environment.....

Today's world needs protection from human demolition. Lots of countries are working hard to safeguard the planet for future generations. Our children have are right for a better, greener planet. Through this project cultural diversity will be promoted vis-à-vis environmental education.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Click this link to view more about this project...

Using Story Visualiser for creative writing in eTwinning projects.

A year 4 class at Ghajnsielem primary school in Gozo use their tablets and Lego Story Starters to create their stories and share them with their partner schools. Thanks to Ms Frances Cauchi- Digital Literacy support teacher, Mr. Etienne Vella - class teacher and Ms Karen Mercieca - Learning Support Educator.

Merging digital literacy and eTwinning - an innovative emerging pedagogy.

Students from Valletta primary school experience a virtual tour of Izmir, Turkey. The city from which the students of their eTwinning project come from. Year 6 students viewed this city through the virtual reality.

Merging digital literacy with eTwinning

Another example merging digital literacy with eTwinning - integrating learning outcomes and engaging students. Well done Mgarr Primary School

Lifeskills Through Technology

Ms Melanie Cini who is an educator in Personal, Social and Career Development shares her insight on how etwinning can open new opportunities for students and for teachers too.

eTwinning - Paola Primary B Year 5

Click on video to see good practice in eTwinning School San Gorg Preca Paola B

Etwinning day - San Gorg Preca College Hamrun Primary

Click on video to see how we celebrated eTwinning day in our school.

Lija, Victoria students meet

Lija primary school students recently visited Victoria primary school as part of an eTwinning Project – ‘Exploring The Treasures of Malta And Gozo’.

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