eTwinning Project : Beat the Boredom

This scholastic year we embarked on a journey through classical fables and fictional tales together with partners from Malta, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Germany. The project came to an end after a whole year of monthly planning, implementations and evaluations in which we turned stories into various activities. 


Monthly, the chosen stories were challenged with various tasks in which as a class we investigated through play and s.t.e.a.m education. Taking slots and pieces from the stories to highlight our learning outcomes was smooth to all partners because there was consistent collaboration even during school lock downs. 


From the start the aim of this project was to ensure that activities could be done anywhere and by anyone, there the pandemic did not hinder our learning. This is why on Friday 28th May 2021, we decided to meet up online through Twinspace Live events in order to celebrate together the end of this successful project we all have put our minds and hearts into. While meeting online, each representative country made flags to wave and use throughout the event. During the event we showed the students our collaborative video which we did as a whole team, the ebook and our padlet. The excitement was indeed visible in everyone's faces and a heartwarming moment when students refer to each other as "my friends". 


Before hanging up on our call, each participant joined in with singing and dancing to do a last celebration together as part of our etwinning journey. 


Links below:


Collaborative video:


Collaborative ebook: 

St. Nicholas College Dingli Primary and San Ġorġ Preca Valletta Primary are among the Primary schools that obtained the eTwinning School label 2020-2021. 

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