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Competition Winners - March 2018

‘Let’s Collaborate Through eTwinning’

March 2018 competition

..............and the winners are............


Ms Charmaine Attard– ‘Once Upon A Time’ - San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun S.S Primary School, School Street, Hamrun, Malta.

Ms Romina Baldacchino – ‘Storytelling leads to Robotics/La Robotique au Service de la litterature Infantine’ – St Thomas Moore College, Marsaskala Primary.

Year 3:

Ms Giorgiann Azzopardi– ‘Raising Awareness On Stray Animals’ – Gozo College Sannat Primary, Gozo.

Year 3 Classes- -‘Come and Meet Me’ - St Nicholas College Rabat Primary, Rabat Malta

Ms Marthese Powelland Ms Alison Micallef

Literacy HOD: Ms Eleanor Vella

Literacy Support Teacher: Ms Anabelle Warrington

Digital Literacy HOD: Ms Antonella Giles

Digital Literacy Support Teacher: Ms Laura Schembri

Years 4, 5, 6:

Ms Chantelle Bartolo Cremona– ‘Happy Easter’ - St Thomas More College, Marsascala Primary Year 5

Year 4,5,6 classes– ‘Help me Crack the code’:

Yr 4/5/6 teachers:

Ms Nadine Micallef

Ms Susan Galea Ciappara

Ms Cynthia Attard

Mr Luke Micallef

Ms Christine Scerri

Mr Michael Spiteri

Digital Literacy Support Teacher: Ms Laura Schembri

Maths Support Teacher: Ms Miriam Chetcuti

Secondary Middle School

Ms Melanie Cini– ‘Let’s be Lanterns’ – St Thomas More Middle School, Tarxien

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