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eTwinning Ambassadors Application

The eTwinning National Support Service (NSS) would like to renew and expand upon its team of eTwinning ambassadors. Educators interested in promoting and supporting eTwinning in Maltese schools are invited to apply.


eTwinning ambassadors are expected to:

 attend regular online and face-to-face meetings and workshops organised locally or by the Central Support Service based in Brussels.

 promote eTwinning in their school and catchment area.

 take responsibility of carrying out specific tasks as designated by the eTwinning coordinator, such as issuing the eTwinning newsletter, planning and leading training, workshops and webinars, promoting and providing practical ideas/actions in supporting eTwinners, updating social media etc.…

 Submit their record of work for each term.

 Follow the priorities for eTwinning as instructed by the Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills, the National Support Service, the Central Support Service and the European Commission.


 Travel and accommodation costs of ambassadors covered to participate in seminars abroad (at least once every two years).

 Opportunity to be part of the European Ambassador network for eTwinning.

 Professional development workshops for ambassadors local, abroad or online.

 As educators, ambassadors will have opportunities to develop and enhance their pedagogy.


 Be involved in eTwinning projects at the time of application and have good knowledge of the platform and/or

 Proven experience in the coordination or involvement of eTwinning projects (educators are to submit awarded quality labels and/or presentations of projects) and/or

 Experience in Learning Events/Online Seminars/Online Courses or other relevant Professional Development organised by eTwinning.


 Preference will be given to those who are currently volunteering as eTwinning ambassadors since 2017.

 Educators from the secondary sector.

To Apply

 Fill out the online application here: by Friday 9th November 2018. Applications received will be acknowledged within three (3) working days. Successful educators will be notified by email.

For further inquiries contact 2598 2150/2805

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