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European Prizes for those awarded European Quality Label

Have you been awarded the European Quality Label for your eTwinning project? You can apply for European Prizes by going to eTwinning live and clicking on the icon - Apply eTwinning Prizes 2019 below your awarded project.

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new age category sponsored by the European Commission.

Improving pre-primary education is a prominent concern for policy-makers and has recently become a priority concern for many international and European organisations. eTwinning has responded to these concerns with the addition of the extra age category giving pre-primary teachers an incentive to explore the main characteristics of high-quality early childhood and pre-primary education. eTwinning now puts young pupils and their teachers under the spotlight, and gives them the opportunity to compete with their peers from other schools in Europe.

From 2019, the main categories of the European eTwinning Prize Competition sponsored by the European Commission will be:

Up to 6 years old

7 to 11 years old

12 to 15 years old

16 to 19 years old

Apply now for the European Prizes! Click here to go to link

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