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  • Melanie Cini

EMBED Digital Literacy & eTwinning Awards Ceremony

Xara Lodge, the splendid hosting venue for the Embed Digital Literacy Conference and Awards Ceremony 2018 was packed with longer tables and more seating, than previous years. Why? It’s due to the fact that more teachers are successfully including the digital aspect in their teaching. Equally, many more teachers are getting involved in eTwinning, which is digital literacy put into a meaningful context. It’s not a hype, it’s not a’s a winning formula for our students! Students love eTwinning, they know about it and are very eager to participate in it. eTwinning is powerful a tool, unleashing students’ potential and skills, and yes, they getan additional certificate to celebratetheir achievements as well! Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated, we all like being rewarded for going that extra mile.

Amongst the various workshops integrating digital literacy were two eTwinning workshops:

  • The eTwinning Concept

  • Enhancing eTwinning projects

eTwinning celebrates our achievements and promotes good practice, and for one day, we are all there to share, inspire and be inspired in a buzzing community of hardworking educators. It is a showcase of amazing projects and wonderful ideas of what educators are capable of doing within the vast European community! Yes, eTwinning is communication, collaboration, but also a celebration of the brilliant work my fellow teacher colleagues do!

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