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General Resources

project Planning.png

Project Planning

Beginning in eTwinning

Setting up.png

Setting up a project

Resources created by the NSS


How to register

in eTwinning

Accept a contact request.png

Accepting a contact request

Accessing your Portfolio

Add Educators to Contacts.png

Adding Educators to 

your contacts

Creating an event.png
Live online Meeting.png

Accessing eTwinning

Live online meeting

Creating an event

in eTwinning Live

Accessing eTwinning project.png

Accessing your 

eTwinning project

Adding Educators.png
Adding Students.png

Adding Educators to

an eTwinning project

Adding Students to Twinspace

Uploading Files.png

Uploading files on

your eTwinning project

Embedding Padlet in

your eTwinning project

Applying for National Label.png
eTwinning School Label.png
Downloading the Quality Label.png

Applying for the

National Quality Label

Applying for the

eTwinning School Label

Downloading the

Quality Label Certificate

How etwinning can support

educators online

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